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Common Enquiries

Do you do vaccinations and micropchipping?

Yes, the van is equipped like a vet's consulting room, so I carry medication, vaccines, microchips and dressings as well as diagnostic equipment. 

Do you offer payment plans?

I'm afraid that I am unable to offer any form of credit, all consultations must be paid for at the time. Cash, card or direct bank transfer payments can be taken.

Do you offer pet insurance?

Yes, I offer Vetsure Pet Health Insurance, but if you want to insure your pet with another company, that is absolutely fine. I can give you a list of requirements that good pet insurance should have for you to do your own research.

Do you treat exotic animals?

I will examine and treat any pet animal, but do not have any specific interest in reptiles or birds, and you may be best to seek experts in the field for these species.

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