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Pet Health Plans

Where Animal Health Comes First

Pet Health Plans: Welcome

Care for the Best of Health, Cover for the Worst

Note that our Pet Health Plan is NOT a pet insurance product.

Pet insurance is aimed at providing cover for the treatment of unforeseen accidents or illnesses and does not typically cover preventative healthcare costs.

The Visit Vet Pet Health Plan covers the routine healthcare costs for your pet with at least 20% discount in comparison to normal purchase price.


To link the two components, Pet Health Plan members will get 5% off your first year's premiums when you take out a Vetsure Pet insurance policy (or when you renew an existing one). That way, you keep your beloved pet in the best of health – at the same time as providing cover for the cost of treatment of accidents and illnesses.


What more could a loving owner do for their pet?



Including Kennel Cough Vaccination for dogs, Feline Leukaemia Vaccination for cats and Myxomatosis and both strains of Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease in Rabbits

Our Kennel Cough vaccine is given into the mouth, not up the nose, stressing dogs out less than the traditional method

6-month Health Check

Proactive and Positive, includes nail clip or emptying anal glands.


Parasite protection

All year round flea and tick prevention, and quarterly worming for cats and dogs. Fly strike and 6 monthly worming for rabbits. 

If more frequent worming is required, additional worm treatments will be provided with the 20% discount also.

10% off ALL Visit Vet Fees

Including consultations, in-house diagnostic tests and prescription fees. Not including external laboratory tests, which are charged as they charge us.

Image by Randy Laybourne


Increase the chance of recovery if your pet is lost or stolen

Pet Health Plans: Benefits
Pet Health Plans: Prices

Price per month

Cats £15.55

Small Dogs (<10kg) £17.69

Medium Dogs (10-20kg) £18.42

Large Dog (20-40kg) £21.18

Giant Dog (>40kg) £23.94

Rabbits £13.54


Please follow the link below to purchase your Pet Health Plan online. This can be done at any point ahead of your appointment to collect the appropriate flea or worming treatments or your pet’s annual vaccinations – just let us know that you’re a Pet Health Plan member at the time of booking!

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